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About Our Bakery

The amazing thing about food is the joy that it can bring, like the moment you bite into your favorite dish and are transported to another time and place or the energy and laughter that comes from sharing food with loved ones. This is the magic that Baking Fairy HK wants to sprinkle over Hong Kong. 

In addition to our bakery bringing this to you through our products, we also want to share it with you through experiences. We offer workshops at the Bite Unite Kitchen in Wan Chai. Drop us a message to learn about our latest offerings or to arrange a private session at the kitchen or in the comfort of your home. 


Our Products

We believe that the best ingredients, combined with a passion for baking, result in the best products. We go the extra mile to bring you quality - from unbleached flour to premium French chocolate and spices directly brought in from the Middle East. 

All of the fillings for our challah, babka, and rugelach are made fresh. As a result, we are also happy to accommodate any food allergies or special requests. Simply drop us a note. 

All of our products are Kosher-friendly. While we are not currently an officially Kosher bakery, we use kosher products and offer a number of dairy/parve options. If you're not familiar with these terms, at a high level, it means that we don't use pork/shellfish products or mix meat and dairy ingredients in the same dish. Our marble glazes use either kosher or vegan gelatine, depending on availability. We are happy to provide ingredient lists to help you make sure that what you've ordered fits any dietary restrictions you have. 

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